Entry: That grand opening Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Let see when did I get your number... back in December?  You were the 2nd prettiest girl I've ever seen all the way back from highschool.  I always wanted to meet you.  I still remember when I used to gamble with your friends in highschool and everytime, i mean ALL THE TIME I win to see if you noticed, but you didn't even turn your head.  When I first got to the property I was a shitty secretary and saw you again out of no where, but I was still young and afraid to say anything.

I paid my dues next door, and came back with more than enough assurance.  I'm kind of a big deal now.  I knew it was sooner or later I would run into you and i'd be ready.  Well my coworker made it easy since you guys already knew each other. 

Since I already knew your friends I had a good idea of what you are.  Especially that little time we talked at xs.  I knew you were trouble and wanted to stay away.

Well I asked 4 different people to come to this concert with me, but they all couldn't make it.  So out of the blue I asked you and you said yes and was willing to call in. 

After tonight, I think I'm smitten


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